How to Do a Backside Big Spin Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing trick progression with Centurion Boats team athlete Matt Manzari.

In this video, we joined Centurion Boats pro athlete, Matt Manzari aboard his Ri230 for a day of wake school out on the lake. Manzari shared his time and considerable expertise to, show you how a wakesurf trick can be conceptualized, developed, and practiced as a progression of three tricks. He not only tells the story, but he shows you how, complete with slow-motion footage.

Learn why the most important thing about performing a 180 Shuvit concerns rotating your back foot. Learn when to stay on your front foot. Learn how you can practice with a skateboard without wheels. All this and more, told and shown to you by Matt Manazari himself, using his personal Centurion Ri230.

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