2021 Wake Awards: Best Content Creator Finalists

These finalists created content in unique, eye-catching ways.

The Best Content Creator is the person who, whether via photos, video or anything else, keeps us all entertained, inspired and stoked to get out and ride.

Dave AV
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Dave AV Courtesy @jennalou86

Dave AV

Dave Averillo, a.k.a Dave AV, made his name with his fancy drone flying and insane action clips. These days he travels the world filming with the best riders and keeps all of us wanting more.

Sina Fuchs
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Sina Fuchs Courtesy @marius_media

Sina Fuchs – @copycatsclub

The mastermind behind the first Women’s Global Magazine On Print and the founder of the copycatsclub, has made it into the big leagues representing women as one of the best wake-content creators in the world!

Wesley Marc Jacobs
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Wesley Marc Jacobs Courtesy @steffenvollert

Wesley Mark Jacobsen –

One of the leaders of the Space Mob movement, Wes Jacobsen has kept everybody entertained not only with his unique riding, but with his equally unique edits. From The Coalition series of videos to short Space Mob edits to single trick clips, Wes is always one to follow for wake entertainment.

Shaun Murray
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Shaun Murray Courtesy @tim_mcgee

Shaun Murray

While Shaun Murray is one of the most accomplished and legendary riders in the game, who has been a fan favorite for decades, he continues to give back to the sport and keep us entertained. Recently he’s been doing it through his YouTube channel, which is 100% Murray style.

JB O'Neill
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: JB O’Neill Courtesy @graemeburress

JB O’Neill

JB O’Neill has been pushing wakeboarding to the world through his rapidly growing YouTube channel, and the fans are loving it. More than that, he rides and films around the globe with all the top pros, and whether he’s helping stack clips for a larger edit or just grabbing single tricks, JB is out making it happen nonstop.

Trever Maur
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Trever Maur Courtesy @andygirl_17

Trever Maur

Trever Maur has the distinction of not only being one of the most stylish riders in the game, but he’s also one of the most accomplished filmmakers. His stuff is always a ton of fun to watch and his stoke is infectious!

Bryan Soderlind
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Bryan Soderlind Courtesy @thegoldenbear

Bryan Soderlind A.K.A. @thegoldenbear

“Any attempt to rattle-off Bear’s accomplishments as a photographer would be hard to fit onto a single page, but, to me, listing his achievements wouldn’t be the best way to describe what separates Bear from the rest. It’s that photography feels like Bear’s art. It feels like the medium he has chosen to leave his mark on the world. Even now, after what are probably hundreds of thousands of photos taken, you still see his passion for his art form. Every time I see his images, I think, “How did he do that!?”. And while the short answer to that question is hard work, determination, and persistence, the real answer is that intangible Bear magic he brings to every shoot, and the wisdom that only comes from decades of working on his craft. So, when thinking about all the iconic images Bear has created over the years, what makes those images distinctly his, are the way he translates what can’t be put into words, into images that define a moment perfectly.” – Chase Heavener

Eric Ruck
2021 Wake Awards Best Content Creator: Eric Ruck Courtesy @parxxx

Erik Ruck

If anyone has made a smooth transition from being a top pro rider to a top content creator, editor and photographer is Erik Ruck. A legendary rider himself, Ruck always gets the shot and is behind the incredible content in all the shoots and video productions for Ronix Wakeboards.