How to Choose a Wetsuit


Buying a wetsuit is a tricky thing. A wakeboarding wetsuit — be it a full, spring or just a top — is the key to extending your season. Whether you start earlier in the Spring or ride deep into the Fall, having a wetsuit to stay comfy is key. Follow these tips to find the best wakeboarding wetsuit for you and you'll find yourself riding a whole lot more this year.

Let's start with the basics. There are essentially three types of wetsuits best suited for wakeboarding.

Full Wetsuit Wakeboarding
.Brian Boesch
Spring Wetsuit wakeboarding
.Brian Boesch
Wetsuit Top
.Brian Boesch

Wetsuit Tops

A wetsuit top, or heater top is one of the most common and easily used items to knock the chill out of your riding. Sometimes known as a heater top, while they won't necessarily extend your season like a good spring or full suit, heater tops will definitely are one of our most used wetsuits. They are great for cold mornings or sunset sessions even in the summertime, even when the air temperature drops and the wind chill of just being up and riding can be annoying. Keeping the core warm is crucial and a simple wetsuit top a lot of the times can do the trick.

Josh Twelker wakeboarding

Knowing What's What

When shopping for the best wakeboarding wetsuit, it's important to know the lingo...Rodrigo Donoso
Danny Hampson wetsuit

Buying Tips

Now that you know what to look for, here are some tips on how to find it.Shawn Perry