How To Choose The Best Wakesurf Board For You

Wakesurf champ Drew Danielo's top tips for finding the right wakesurf board.

How To Choose The Best Wakesurf Board For You
Shawn Watson on the 2011 Liquid Force Noserider Wakesurf BoardThomas Gustafson

Wakesurf champ Drew Danielo shows you how to find the best wakesurf board for you.

1. Surf or skim?

First, decide if you want a skim-style or a surf-style board. Skim-style wakesurf boards usually have a small single fin and are loose, fast and very maneuverable, but still steady enough for beginners. Surf-style wakesurf boards typically have two to four full-size fins, are longer and thicker than skim-style boards and have a more traditional surfboard design. As a result, they’re best suited to surf-style moves like big carves and airs off the wake.

2. Size up your wake.

The size and shape of your surf wake affects your board size. If you’re going to surf with stock ballast and only a few passengers, you’ll have difficulty riding a board that’s close to your weight limit. Larger wakes have more push, allowing you to ride a smaller board that is right at the top of your weight class. If your wakes are on the small side, either add more weight or buy a larger board.

3. Do your homework.

Research websites, look up weight limits and call manufacturers. Once you’ve narrowed your search, head to your local dealer for a demo because actually riding a board is the best way to know if it’s right for you. During the demo, try to mimic your boat’s wake as closely as possible so you get the same feel.