Axis T23: How I Surf w/ Johnny Stieg

With deep roots in surfing, Johnny Stieg brings his experience from the ocean behind his Axis T23. Conversely, wakesurfing has also helped him progress in the ocean.

Johnny Stieg Axis

How I utilize standard ballast: Axis has hard tanks under the floor, and then factory-installed plug-and-play that fills ballast bags automatically in the lockers and under the front seats in the bow when the hard tanks are full. I just flip on my ballast switches and let it all fill up, and I’m ready to go. This is what I use 90 percent of the time with only one or two other people in the boat.

How I utilize extra ballast: For a little extra punch behind the wave, I’ll add an extra 750-pound bag in the center of the floor.


Custom settings: I just drop the Wedge, kick out the Surf Gate and ride.

Boat speed: I run about 10.6 to 10.8 mph no matter what setup I have going.

I usually surf: Frontside, but I surf backside a lot too. Having the ability to transfer back and forth while riding is a game changer, and it feels like the ocean because you can ride both directions.


Preferred board: Recently I have been riding a Rusty Snaggletooth, and I’m really stoked on it.

My favorite single feature on my boat is: Surf Gate because of the options and opportunities it has opened and how much time it has saved.

wakesurf boat
Axis T23 Axis


Length 22’5″
Beam 102″
Fuel Capacity 67 gal.
Seating Capacity 16 people
Standard Ballast 5,600 lb.
Max Ballast 3,700 lb.