Hillbilly Wakesurfing Contest

What's the weirdest thing you've ever wakesurfed on?

We knew we had a creative audience who loves to wakesurf, but we didn’t know what lengths they’d go to get their surfing fix. So we reached out to our Facebook audience to see what wacky contraptions they have wakesurfed on behind the boat. And, as usual, we were not disappointed.

The Wakesurfer

KING OF THE HILL: Vince Huttley

Vince! You've won! You'd better thank your buddy, Eric Maggiora, for posting your photo. Even though we have seen someone wakesurf on a door before, we have never seen someone wakesurf on a refrigerator door — and without the rope to boot! How does that even work? Aren't there shelves on the other side? Regardless, you've impressed us enough to take the top spot! For your creative prowess, Ride Engine is hooking you up with a brand-new wetsuit to kick off your 2016 season! Congratulations!WBM
Ride Engine wetsuits

What did you win?

You've won the Ride Engine Apoc shorty! It's a short-sleeve front-zip 2/2 mm with all the bells and whistles. Happy surfing! For more info on Ride Engine, watch this video or check out this product review!Ride Engine

Check out our Runners-Up!

Justin KlinginsmithSurfing the swim platformWBM
John Van Asperen ­– Kitchen tableWBM
John CoffmanHow about a friend?WBM
Lubi Wittock, Jeff Walker and Dennis HortonThe pink doorWBM