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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 13, 2017)—The world’s top wakeboarders and wakesurfers competed Saturday at the 2017 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, the longest-running professional circuit in the industry, in Birmingham, Ala.

After qualifying rounds on Friday, Saturday marked the first of four events this summer to determine the year’s overall champion. This was the first time in its 25-year history the tour hosted an event at Oak Mountain State Park, which proved to be the perfect setting for two days of high-intensity competition in ideal conditions.

While every quarter- and semi-finals heat was packed with action, it was the best-of-two finals round that made history when a record five of six riders scored in the 90s for the heaviest final challenge in recent memory.


Certainly the most exciting moment of the day was multi world champion Harley Clifford’s adrenaline-pumping finals run that catapulted him into the top spot in his Pro Wakeboard Tour comeback after sitting out in 2016 due to an injury. Defending Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour champion Mike Dowdy landed in second place by a mere 1.17 points, and Team Supra rider Cory Teunissen took home third place.

In the wakesurf division, reigning champion Noah Flegel took the first step in defending his overall title with a first-place finish, followed by Aaron Witherell in second and Parker Payne in third. Flegel is the only athlete to compete in both the wakeboarding and wakesurfing tournaments.

The Supra Boats SA550 is the official tow boat for the tour again in 2017. Purpose-built to create clean, consistent and controlled wakes, it is designed to push athletes to new levels while preserving strict handling and a balanced ride for those onboard.


The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour continues June 24 at Mantua Reservoir, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

Supra Pro Tour #1: Birmingham, AL

Men’s Professional Quarter Finals

Heat #1 Athlete Score
1 Nic Rapa 93.33
2 Dean Smith 83.33
3 Austin Hair 40.00
4 Massi Piffaretti 1.67
Heat #2 Athlete Score
1 Harley Clifford 92.33
2 Cory Teunissen 84.33
3 Jake Pelot 79.33
4 Noah Flegel 70.00
Heat #3 Athlete Score
1 Tony Iacconi 89.67
2 Shota Tezuka 80.33
3 Gordon Harrison 79.00
4 Parker Siegele 46.67
Heat #4 Athlete Score
1 Mike Dowdy 89.33
2 Tony Carroll 82.67
3 Christian Primrose 71.00
4 Damien Adam 1.67

Men’s Professional Semi Finals

Heat #1 Athlete Score
1 Tony Iacconi 92.67
2 Nic Rapa 92.00
3 Tony Carroll 82.00
4 Dean Smith 53.33
Heat #2 Athlete Score
1 Harley Clifford 93.67
2 Mike Dowdy 91.00
3 Cory Teunissen 86.67
4 Shota Tezuka 81.67

Men’s Professional Finals

Heat #1 Athlete Score
1 Harley Clifford 97.17
2 Mike Dowdy 96.00
3 Cory Teunissen 94.67
4 Tony Iacconi 93.67
5 Nic Rapa 92.67
6 Tony Carroll 48.33