Godors Gear Spray

Godors Athletic Spray
Shawn Perry

We get a lot of weird stuff sent to us to test and review. I have to be honest, when I got this Godors stuff I thought it was just another new "sport" product that PR agencies send out to anyone and everyone. While some of that might be true, I actually decided to try this stuff because I'm pretty tired of my truck perpetually smelling of mildew from wet vests, shorts and towels and I thought it might work good on boats too. As a lot of the products we get don't make the cut to be on the site, this one worked insanely well and I thought it worthy of a tip if you're in the market for a Febreeze on steroids. I sprayed Godors on my vest and wetsuits that awful smell from repeated use then storage was gone instantly. I feel like the mildew is actually baked into those things, and what I was most impressed with was that it actually took the smell out of this stuff for good. It's non-toxic blend of Tea Tree oil and Olive Leaf Extract that apparently kills the bacteria and fungus that caused awful smells.

Godors athletic spray
Shawn Perry

I decided to keep trying this stuff so I sprayed it in my buddies old Nautique too. His storage compartments had wet carpet that had stayed closed and it has that classic boat mildew smell. Godors eliminated that so I kept going. In a way I feel like these people targeted me a little because I play hockey and after visiting their site they clearly market this product to hockey players. Known for the smelliest gear on the planet I've been using this stuff on my gear and it's worked famously on that too. If you're in the market and want to eliminate odor, give this stuff a try. Oh, and it smells like bubble gum.