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Give the gift that keeps on giving! LearnWake is the real deal. It is the #1 source for wakeboard instruction on the planet! Check out the extensive features below!

LearnWake has in-depth instructional videos that cover all aspects of wakeboarding. Everywhere from how to get up for the first time, to landing your first mobe or 900, to how to drive a double up, fill up your boat with gas, and much more! These videos include step by step instruction in high definition that can play easily on your mobile device for quick on-the-water analyzation. Here's a few examples below!

Wake Jump Variations

Tripping A Tantrum

See more on LearnWake's YouTube channel or browse through our one minute previews on LearnWake!

Extensive Trick Library!

LearnWake's Library is the most extensive trick Library on the planet. Library pages range from an introduction to the cable park, to basic edging techniques and highly advanced tricks. These pages feature trick sequences, zoomed mergers, regular and goofy stance trick scrollers, step by step instruction, a detailed history of each trick, and more. Check out a few that we've unlocked for public access below:

Interact with our coaches and other LearnWake members to get more specific advice or to ask for peer reviews! Explore the forums HERE.

These videos are submitted to LearnWake by subscribed members and then analyzed by LearnWake's coaches, including side by side comparison, specific tailored instruction, and screencast call-outs to correct body position. The LearnWake coaches can also create and tailor drills for members. It's the next best thing to having a coach right there in the boat with you! Check out a few examples here:

See more HERE

LearnWake Quick Clips give you a quick look at each trick. Curious what a trick looks like? These Quick Clips will satisfy that need in a jiffy! Check out some examples below:

See more Quick Clips HERE

And much more!

There is a lot to LearnWake and we've just scratched the surface! We've got a lot more coming in the 2016 season so stay tuned!

LearnWake memberships are available in monthly, seasonally, or annually. Find out which works best for the needs of your wakeboarder and put the gift of wakeboard instruction under the tree this year! Click HERE for pricing.

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