Girls Who Rip - Space Mob Edition

The Girl Mob Descends on Valdosta Wake Compound

By now you've probably heard of or seen the Space Mob crew... especially if you've had the fortune of being at Wake Awards the last couple years. Loosely based around the Valdosta Wake Compound crew and lead by the ever-loose Wesley Jacobsen, Space Mob has brought a fresh take to the world of wakeboarding, as evidenced by videos like The Coalition and The Coalition: The Sequel. This alien-loving wake crew isn't limited to some dudes in Georgia though. The movement is gaining traction across border lines and gender lines. Some of the best female park riders in the world recently got together at VWC to create a "Girls Mob" video with the Space Mob crew. Take a few minutes and enjoy their insane shred abilities!

Featuring: Coti Scaglia, Katinka Buiting, Sina Fuchs, Anne Freyer.