Formats RAW - Guenther Oka

A unique look at the individuals behind the 2018 Wake Awards Video of the Year

Formats RAW - Guenther Oka
Crazy hits like this helped make Guenther Oka's part in Formats one of the best of the year in 2018.Bradlee Rutledge

Guenther Oka's section in Formats was a perfect example of what has made him the 2x Full Scope Award winner at Wake Awards - given to the best all around rider in the sport. With ultra-unique (and sketchy) winch hits, giant double ups, and boat riding full of his signature style, Guenther put a ton of time and effort into making his part stand out, and it does just that. Take a look at the RAW cuts from the filming and see that effort in a whole new light.

Video: Taylor Hanley

You can download Formats in its entirety on iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, and Amazon.