Formats RAW - Dylan Miller

A unique look at the individuals behind the 2018 Wake Awards Video of the Year

To celebrate the Formats Film's first birthday, producer/video genius Taylor Hanley has reworked every rider's part into RAW cuts. Take all the winch and boat hits, convert them to B&W, leave in the original audio and leave out any music, and you have Formats RAW.

The latest installment features the creativity of all-around Canadian shredder Dylan Miller. Whether it's behind the boat, in a park, or at a winch spot, Miller always finds ways to ride that not only look cool, but make everybody watching want to try it too.

Formats, the 2018 Wake Awards Video of the Year, features jaw-dropping riding courtesy of Raph Derome, Guenther Oka, Dylan Miller, Felix Georgii, and Nick Dorsey. You can purchase it on iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, and Amazon.