For The Girls


This is for the girls who are told they can’t. For the girls who’ve been told they can’t spin, can’t ollie, can’t this, can’t that.

Why should we support you? Why should we recognize your passion, your sacrifice, your dedication?

For the girls who always have to ride last.


This is for the girls who know that riding like a guy is NOT a compliment.

For the girls who know what it feels like to be forgotten and left out. For the girls who don’t know what’s possible, And for the girls who do.

This is for the girls who are pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.


For the girls who have been objectified and reduced to… a body part. This is for the girls who will shape the next generation. For the girls who realize it’s time to Change. The. Conversation.

Your insecurity does not bother us and it won’t stop us.

For the girls who will not apologize and, against all odds, will overcome your judgment.


We don’t need permission to change the world. So remember, girls… When they go low, we go HIGH.

Edit: Nicola Butler

Filmers: JB O’Neill / Tyler Hanley / Trever Maur / Aaron Rathy / B Squared Media / James Tyrell / Wilfried Rick / Sean Kilgus / Charles White / Clack Audiovisual / Collin Harrington / Drew Glickman




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