Flagship: Moomba Mojo

Moomba Boats
WKB0915_BH Bill Doster Photography LLC

Moomba’s wildly popular Mojo got a redesign for 2015, and it’s better than ever. Far from getting just a cosmetic revamp, the Mojo dropped its 2.5 handle, grew a half-foot, and is now a full 23-footer. With the additional length comes even more surf and wakeboarding potential from what was already the best in the line. Designed with a really high freeboard and deep keel that allow for plenty of ballast, the Mojo has a long, powerful wave that can be created by listing the boat or using the Moomba Flow Surf System, which is an entirely analog option for evenly weighted surfing. The Flow system consists of a plate that’s fastened to the transom on both sides of the boat. The plate has three different positions that can produce three different types of waves. Wakeboarding is really simple and easy: Just fill the ballast, set the speed control, and you’re ready to ride a solid wake. The Digital Cruise Pro makes driving the Mojo a breeze. Ballast is displayed digitally, so you know when you’re full, and setting the system is so simple you could get your kids to do it. Simplicity is something we appreciate on the Mojo because it makes the boat easy to use and low-maintenance, and it really helps to keep the cost down, which is why the Mojo is one of the most budget-friendly wakeboats on the market today.

Moomba Boats

Dig This: Fit and finish can be an issue on value-class boats, but Moomba continually steps up its game to produce some of the finest-looking boats in its class. The dash really exemplifies this commitment to improvement. The driver and passenger dash were redesigned for 2015 to improve on what was already a solid product. Why did Moomba go with a redesign? They responded to customer feedback about some minor pain points to make a good product even better.

Stat: The Mojo comes with the new Indmar Raptor series of engines, which are specifically built for the low-end torture we give inboard boats while under load. This means you’re getting better fuel efficiency, better hole shots and a quieter engine at the speeds and loads you’ll be using most.

Length 23’
Beam 100”
Dry Weight 4,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity 49 gal.
Seating Capacity 17
Standard Ballast 2,000 lb.
Maximum Ballast 2,500 lb.
Standard Horsepower 400 hp
Maximum Horsepower 440 hp