Five Ways to Cope With the Wake Season Ending

If you can't make it out on the lake this fall/winter, use your time wisely – have fun, try something new, travel, or rest up! See you guys on the other side.WBM

1) Hibernate

This coping mechanism takes the least amount of work. Now that the season is over and the boat is winterized, maybe just don't worry about going out and being active. You'll no longer have to be on that summer diet because you can be covered in six layers all at once. Or, if you want a better excuse for being lazy and hibernating, think about this: Maybe this is the time your body needs to heal from taking that gnarly crash you've been feeling all summer. Don't worry, we're going to keep the online content coming all winter. When you get an itch to ride, just enjoy a nice drink by the fire and watch the pros chase an endless summer.

2) Learn to Snowboard

If you're in a part of the country that gets snow and has a little elevation, try snowboarding. It's actually a great way to keep some of your board awareness when it's too cold to make it out on the lake. Not to mention, it's a ton of fun. Carving on the mountain has a similar feel to wakeboarding but at the same time is 100% different. You may get bruised more easily, but it's totally worth it. If you get a chance to go to the Utah boat show, there's a chance you'll run into some of your favorite pro wakeboarders on the mountain.

3) Travel

If it's too cold for you back home, you can always take a trip somewhere warmer during the off-season. Here in Orlando you can be on the water all year long. It may get a little brisk at times, but we've never seen a frozen lake in these parts. When it gets in the 60s around here, locals freak out and the full suits and coats come out. But we know some of you from up North would only need board-shorts and a vest. If you own a full suit and make it to Orlando, you should be able to ride year-round.

4) Workout Routine

If you can't make it out on the water, why not go to the gym? We know that wakeboarding is a more fun way to work out, but some time in the gym over the winter can give your next season a real kick start. This is your chance to get your cardio up on the treadmill, get flexible with some yoga, or get on a trampoline to practice those tricks you were so close to learning. If you spend the winter months in the gym, you'll be starting next season stronger than ever.

5) Edit Footage

Did you take hours of video this summer? Have you done anything with it? A great way to spend part of your off-season is to make a full-season edit. A full-season edit compiles the best footage that you took all summer into a single video. It's a great way to document everything you did over the summer and allows you to showcase all your best and biggest bangers. If it's sick, send it to us and we might even put it up on the website.

If you're like us though and can't make it through winter without progressing, we've got some suggestions for you!

LearnWake is packed full of instructional videos and tips to improve your riding. There's an app as well where you can submit footage and interact with coaches. Have a trick that you've been struggling with? Send a clip of it to the team at LearnWake. They'll analyze it and get you squared away so you can start the season with proper technique and land that trick first set back.

But if that's not enough and you're really jonesing to take some winter sets in a warmer climate, The Boarding School here in Orlando, Florida is the place for you. If Orlando is out of reach, check out LTS Wakeboard School, Bennett's Wakeboard School, or Eden Ski Lake.