Famous Firsts: First Female to Land a ...

Being the first to do something has ­always had its merits. Not only do you prove to those following in your footsteps that it can be done, but you can also forever claim your stake on being the first to do it. Here’s a few stories from some of the women who were the first to land some benchmark tricks that paved the way for those who ­followed.

Amber Wing wakeboarding
Amber's 900, featured in the October 2010 issue of WAKEBOARDINGWBM


Toeside frontside 720
I flew home to Sydney from Florida for my grandfather's funeral in April 2006. It was a two-hour drive to Black Diamond Wakeboarding School, and I told my mum I didn't feel like going wakeboarding. She replied with, "Well, Amber, sometimes I don't want to go to work," so I got in the car and made the drive up there. Scotty Kell kept egging me on, and I think I tried about nine and landed the 10th one! I always remember the exact date, because on 4/5/06, I landed my 7 — 4, 5, 6, 7!

Toeside frontside 900
I was filming with Nicola [Butler] for Oakley and I almost called in sick. I had a ­massive headache and felt horrible. At the end of my set, I tried a few 9s and stomped it. I couldn't believe it. I remember riding away not ­believing that I still had the handle in my hand.


Whirlybird 540
I was doing whirlybirds in my free riding, and Cory and Brad [Teunissen] kept bugging me, telling me to do a whirly 5. So one day I ­decided to give it a try. I think I tried two and decided that was enough since I didn't hurt myself, ha-ha. When I went to bed that night, I just kept picturing how easy it would be and how I would do it. The next day I went out, tried two more, and stuck the third one I tried. The next thing I knew, I was riding away hearing Cory and Brad screaming from the boat. It was probably one of the best feelings to land it, and then for Cory to go out and land a 1080 straight after I rode. We decided to not ride the rest of the day and treat ourselves to Chipotle, ha-ha. Then to win Female Trick of the Year for the whirly 5 was the icing on the cake. I can't ­explain how awesome it was. I'm looking forward to what the future brings for female riders!


Pete Rose – Leslie Kent
Heelside frontside 720 – Amber Wing
Heelside backside 540 – Anna Hajek
Heelside frontside 900 (kicker) – Angelika Schriber
Double half-cab roll (kicker) – Amber Wing
Front mobe 540 (air trick) – Julia Rick
Toeside backside 900 (kicker) – Julia Rick