Face-Off: Corrie Dyer VS. Rodrigo Donoso

We let the WWA executive director and Wake Awards Photographer of the Year battle it out in a game of wits.

Corrie Dyer Rodrigo Donoso
FACE-OFF: Corrie Dyer VS. Rodrigo Donoso Shawn Perry

What is the highest amount of miles Parks Bonifay has flown in a year?
C: I would say he’s done 125,000.
R: I’m gonna go with 300,000.
121,459! Corrie almost nails it on the head and takes the early lead.

How tall is Oli Derome?
C: I think he’s probably 5’3″.
R: Oli Derome is 5’1″.
5’2″. A point to each for being the same distance away.


As the crow flies, how many miles is it from Birmingham to San Francisco?
C: OK, dear lord. 1,800 miles.
R: I would say 2,100 miles.
2,011 miles. Rod evens it up!

Convert 20 miles per hour to kilometers per hour.
C: Uh, oh gosh. 30?
R: That is roughly 16 kph. I hope I did that the right direction.
32.19 kph. Corrie takes the lead.

Where is Drake from?
C: He’s from Toronto.
R: Canada, dog! Uh, I’ll just say Toronto.
Toronto, Canada. Points to both.


How tall is the tallest waterslide?
C: Um, how about 135 feet?
R: I’ve been on one that’s 180, so I’ll imagine 250.
168 feet at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City. Corrie ahead by 2!

Who was the first woman to land a heel 9 off a kicker?
C: Meagan Ethell or… Ange Schriber. It’s Ange.
R: It would be Amber Wing.
Corrie again, dropping her women’s riding knowledge.

How many hours per day does the average American spend on their phone?
C: 5 hours.
R: Oh, OK. People sleep for 8, are awake for 16, so I’ll say at least 4.
4.7 hours. She’s running away with it.


How much money has the new Star Wars made worldwide so far?
C: $350 million
R: I know it’s supposed to be massive. A billion dollars.
$1.871 billion! Rod steals one!

How much are the most expensive pair of jeans you can buy?
C: How about $7,000?
R: OK, so if Drake bought jeans in Toronto, that would run him… $7,000.
Wow! Matching $7K guesses?! Well, it’s actually $10,000, and they have real crystals embedded in them!

Total score: Corrie (8) | Rodrigo (5)


And the winner is: Corrie!


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