Explora Lo Nuevo

A short wake film featuring team Slingshot in Argentina

Last summer Slingshot riders Alex Graydon, Dylan Miller, Antoine Allaux, and Steffen Vollert took a trip to Argentina to explore the country's rapidly-growing wakeboarding scene. The best part about trips to new places is that you never know what you're going to find. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so much. But if you're with a solid crew like this one, it can always be good. Watch the video and check out some of the photos from this unique journey.

Alex Graydon getting to know Renton Wakeboarding Complex in Argentina.Steffen Vollert
Antoine Allaux is good at wakeboarding, no matter what country he's in.Steffen Vollert
When in Rome... in Argentina.Steffen Vollert
Not all the locals were excited to meet Alex.Steffen Vollert

A few shots from Dylan Miller's old school 35mm Canon film camera...

AntoineSteffen Vollert
ReflectingSteffen Vollert
DinnerSteffen Vollert
Not a one trick pony.Steffen Vollert