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The Exceptional Stability of Sea-Doo— Along with Industry’s Largest Swim Platform, Modular Seat Design and Quick-Access Bow Storage — Allows Owners to Enjoy Favorite On-Water Activities

The GTX Limited 300 in a snorkelling trip in a secluded cove.Sea-Doo

Personal watercraft enthusiasts do a lot more with their craft than simply race toward the horizon or carve a turn backdropped by a wall of spray. They fish, they hang out, or “cove,” with friends at the nearest sandbar and they even enjoy a meal out on the water. In short, they do many of the same things that mainstream boaters do every day. The catch, of course, is that while PWC enthusiasts may do all of these activities, the craft they’re doing them on aren’t really designed for the task. Space is limited, at-rest stability isn't on par with larger boats and seating is arranged saddle-style, with one passenger in front of the other. With the radical remake of the GTX, RXT and WAKE PRO platforms, Sea-Doo has changed these facts — and removed the limitations.

The RXT 230 geared up for an epic ride.Sea-Doo

Enhanced stability was the first priority. By widening the hull, reworking the chines and lowering the overall center of gravity, designers delivered a craft that is rock solid at rest, to the point where an adult can stand on the swim platform — or even in a footwell — and not tip the boat. Next, they enlarged that platform dramatically, offering up plenty of space to accommodate riders’ various wishes. Taking the concept one step further, designers also created a modular seat design, with a completely removable rear section that opens up yet more platform space. Finally, they reworked the conventional bow storage, creating a compartment that opens directly in front of a seated rider by allowing the entire handlebar assembly to act as the storage lid, lifting away from the deck and exposing the contents. Stretching awkwardly forward over the handlebars to reach items in the bow storage without going in the water or dunking that compartment’s contents is now just a memory. Easily accessing that storage, without ever getting out of the saddle, is the new reality.

The industry’s first manufacturer-installed, truly waterproof, Bluetooth Audio System.Sea-Doo

The remake truly opens up the possibilities of what can be done with a PWC, particularly at rest. Fishing enthusiasts can stand stably on the expanded aft platform, using it just like a traditional fish boat’s casting deck. A passenger can sit atop the platform to don snorkeling gear or grab a towel from the bow storage and lie out in the sun. By moving that removable section of saddle aft on the platform — and moving Sea-Doo LinQ accessory cooler into the resulting gap — rider and passenger can even enjoy a face-to-face picnic.

Add in the industry’s first truly waterproof, manufacturer-installed Bluetooth audio system and you’re ready to pump the music and enjoy your favorite water activity, all aboard a Sea-Doo.