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Editor's Pick: Ronix RXT Boots


Massi Piffaretti

Bryan Soderlind

When “Pizza Boy” Massi Piffaretti gets a signature boot from Ronix, you know it has to feel good and look good, right? We’ve all seen Massi’s Euro stylings on social media, and we’ve definitely all seen his unbelievably stylish wakeboarding.

Mix those two together, add in Ronix’s next-level binding tech and you have the RXT, one of the most comfortable and high-performance wakeboard boots on the market.

When I first slipped my foot into the RXT, I immediately thought of pillows. And pepperoni with extra cheese. But mainly pillows. These things are comfortable from the get-go, thanks to Ronix’s Rad Foam and Double Stuff Footbed. The lace handles make the dual lace enclosures easy to tighten and lock down. An attachment point on the boots is also easy to use and ensures your laces don’t go flying around while you’re focused on flying through the air.

Speaking of flying through the air, the RXTs hit the nail on the head in the support department. They aren’t so stiff that you feel restricted, but they aren’t so flexible that you feel like your foot is gonna fly out midjump. While we mere mortals probably aren’t going to do tuck-knee maneuvers like Massi himself, it’s nice to know such yogalike tweakage is possible in his boots. For reference, the RXT sits between the One (stiffer) and the Parks (more flexible) in the flex department.

When you’re on the water, the RXTs provide a solid connection to the board thanks to Ronix’s Brainframe technologies. And if you like your fit to be even more comfortable, the RXTs are outfitted with Intuition heat-moldable liners that can be custom-fit to your foot. Plus, the RXT is the first boot in the Ronix line to feature perforations all the way through the liner for added breathability. I’d like to think this helps alleviate some stinky-boot situations as well. Oddly enough, I didn’t hear back from Massi when I asked to smell his feet as part of this review.

Simply put, the Ronix RXT boots are a top-of-the-line all-around performer that won’t just feel good on your foot, but could also help improve your riding. Boots are one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of wakeboarding. If you have to think about how your feet feel or how well you’re connected to your board while riding, you’re not thinking about your riding, and that’s a bad thing. Basically, a good pair of boots should be unnoticeable. The whole time in the RXTs, all I could think about was how little I was thinking about them.

And in case you’ve been wondering what RXT stands for this whole time: Ronix Xtra Tech. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.


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