Jobe Breach Wakeboard Review

2016 Jobe wakeboards


130 CM, 135 CM, 139 CM, 143 CM | MSRP: $500 WBM

Jobe has perfected the park board with the ­introduction of the 2016 Breach. Every detail put into this board is specifically designed for the top wake-park riders in the world. And with a name like Dominik Gührs behind the Breach, it’s really no surprise that it performs so well at the park. Like father, like son, right?

For starters, Jobe paid a ton of attention to detail when designing this board’s base. The Breach features four channels, two of which are more pronounced through the center, and two of which run the length of the board and taper off toward the ends. These channels create ­increased strength and rigidity in the belly of the board, giving this area low to moderate flex. The rigidity through the belly allows the board to ride as it was intended to, meaning the rocker doesn’t change on features or flat-water landings.

Don’t let the word “rigidity” scare any of you park rats away; the tip and tail of this board are as flexy as they come! Remember, the Breach was designed with Dominik in mind. With a core construction of wood and polyurethane, the board offers the best of both worlds: flex and durability. And since those previously mentioned channels taper off toward the ends of the board, the tip and tail get a moderate to high rating on the flex scale. This means you get maxed-out, in-control presses so you’ll be riding like Dom in no time.


Despite this board’s finless design, edging into park features or cutting for air tricks is a breeze. Impressively, almost every feature on the Breach has a dual purpose. The channels also aid in strong edging capability, and combined with the sharp sidewalls, they make the board exceptionally responsive.

Next, let’s talk durability. This board is a beast. It features just about every component needed to make sure of that, and the blended core is just the start. The board is also covered in triaxial fiberglass, which encases the core with extra durability while still allowing flexion and torsion. The Breach also features a thermoplastic sidewall construction that is resistant to rail and kicker abuse. No more dings, no more repairs. What’s more, the base of the board is ­nearly indestructible. It’s covered in Jobe’s highest-end base material, which is not only incredibly durable but also fast, grippy and really impressive on rails.

If you’re looking for a board that can enhance your park skills and hold up to endless laps of abuse, the 2016 Breach might be for you. It’s an accommodating board, so no matter your experience, be sure to hop on one and give it a go!

2016 Jobe wakeboards
2016 Jobe Breach WBM
Durability High
Core Wood-polyurethane blend
Edge Type Tapered thermoplastic sidewall
Profile Thin
Overall Weight Moderate
Swing Weight Light
Glide Speed Average
Edging Exceptionally responsive
Belly Flex Low to moderate
Nose Flex Moderate to high
Rocker Type Three-stage
Amount of Rocker High