Drive Wakeboarding Video - A Decade Later

Ten Years Later and Sean Kilgus' Full Length is Still as Good as Ever

Ten years ago Sean Kilgus' Drive was released to much acclaim. The full length video was shot in super 16mm format (that's film, to all you kids out there, not digital) and was further evidence of Kilgus' growth as an artist. Of course, shooting in that style only added to the beauty of riding displayed by the likes of Randall Harris, Danny Harf, Ben Greenwood, Jeff McKee, Rusty Malinoski, Erik Ruck, JD Webb, and others.

Drive was Randall's first video section after his comeback in Transgression a year earlier, and his riding was as on point as ever. Just watch him destroy double ups and utilize the wrap handle like only he can. Of course, 2008 was also some peak riding from Harf and Benny G. For Ben, everything was properly grabbed, poked like crazy, and oozing with the style that made him so popular amongst fans and fellow pros alike. And much like he always has, Danny made wakeboarding look way too easy, doing everything switch and regulary - and this was when he was mastering the corked backside spins (especially toeside) that everybody else started doing later on. For his efforts, Danny was awarded Best Video Section at that year's Wake Awards.

The video is full of great riding, filming, editing, and a killer soundtrack. Take a trip down memory lane (or get a little history lesson) and congratulate Drive on turning 10!