Over the years Wakeboarding Magazine has had quite a few cover photos featuring riders going huge off the double up. Since its inception back in the early 90's, the double up has been a favorite for riders and fans alike - and truth be told it has been one of the most important elements to the growth and progression of the sport. Innumerable tricks have been landed/invented thanks to the double up, and with today's modern boats and wakes, riders are going bigger than ever before.

After looking over the entire WBM archive, we narrowed down the top ten double up covers. From Keith Lyman's first cover back in 2002, to Brian Grubb boosting on his wakeskate, to Steel Lafferty launching beside a battleship, there are some truly insane images in this collection. Now it's your turn to make one the champ. Make your selection below, and feel free to let us know why in the comments.

May 2002 - Brian GrubbWKB
July 2002 - Keith LymanWKB
August 2004 - Parks BonifayWKB
June 2008 - Randall HarrisWKB
October 2008 - Chris O'SheaWKB
June 2010 - Dean SmithWKB
November 2010 - Jimmy LaRicheWKB
March 2013 - Aaron RathyWKB
September 2013 - Steel LaffertyWKB
May 2014 - Jeff LangleyWKB