Do’s & Don’ts with Dylan Miller

Making decisions can be tough, so we asked this multitalented, well-versed Canuck to lend some advice on a variety of topics. Follow his guidelines below.

Behind the scenes at a recent shoot, Dylan Miller gives Trevor Bashir a boost. Teamwork makes the dream work. Bryan Soderlind


Do: Drink the whiskey when you come visit.
Don’t: Make the “eh” joke. It’s old news.

Designing a Pro Model

Do: Make it ridable for all types of terrain.
Don’t: Make it too complicated.


Video Edits

Do: Get Taylor Hanley to make them for you.
Don’t: Use a song that’s been used before.

Skinny Stance

Do: Try it, I promise you’ll like it.
Don’t: Knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Starting a Brand

Do: Try to make something unique.
Don’t: Put yourself in too much debt to start it.



Do: Expect to take some gnarly falls.
Don’t: Go too hard on your first attempt.


Do: Rent a scooter.
Don’t: Crash it.

Photo Shoots

Do: Show up on time.
Don’t: Stop until you get the shot.


Posing in the Nude

Do: Invite a babe to pose with you.
Don’t: Show your junk. Nobody wants to see that.