Do’s & Don’ts w/ Nicola Butler

Nicola Butler recently sold almost everything she owned, packed up her pup (and boyfriend), and drove her renovated 1992 GMC Vandura cross country. With many stops along the way, she finally settled in the Bay Area where she is pursuing photography and that NorCal life. Don’t be fooled though – Nicola still gets out on her board and rips as well as ever. Check in with her through this quick little Do’s and Don’ts.

Nicola Butler WBM

Moving to California

Do: It, it’s the best!
Don’t: Move here. It’s too crowded.

Converting a Van

Do: It for a fun project.
Don’t: Expect to follow any sort of budget.


Getting a Dog

Do: Be prepared to have a lot of “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” talks.
Don’t: Get a husky. JK, love you, Loki!


Do: Accept all the help and advice from professionals.
Don’t: Put a limit on yourself.


Do: It with your best buddies.
Don’t: Forget to schedule in a surf trip, too.


Visiting England

Do: Pack all your layers.
Don’t: Expect the sun to come out.

US Citizenship

Do: Put the time and effort in.
Don’t: Expect it to be a quick process (8 years later!)

Riding in Orlando

Do: Get a good crew.
Don’t: Expect to have the lake to yourself in summer.