Do’s & Don’ts w/ Massi Piffaretti

Looking to learn a thing or two about Italy, pizza, wakeboarding and babes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Mass Piff has the answers, so listen up!

Massi piffaretti
Don’t even think about serving this Italian stallion a plate of pizza rolls — he requires the good stuff. (He is the Pizza Boi, after all.)
Tyler Soden

Pizza in Italy

Do: Put spicy olive oil on your pizza.
Don’t: Get fish on it.

Italian Women

Do: Be yourself with swag and you are gucci.
Don’t: Try for a hole in one. Women in Italy are old-school.


Turning 21

Do: Have all your best friends with you.
Don’t: Peak too early.

Traveling the World

Do: Visit as much as you can and go with the flow.
Don’t: Forget your passport or visa.

Downtown Orlando

Do: Get a good crew and send it.
Don’t: Go too hard. You’ll get knocked out real quick.


Lake Conway

Do: Ride on it because it’s the best lake.
Don’t: Get in Randy Holihan’s way. He’s the boss of the lake!


Do: Grab them. That’s what makes the trick.
Don’t: Under-rotate.


Do: Take care of them. It’s a lifestyle!
Don’t: Worry about what people think — they’re just jealous.



Do: Swipe right for everyone, then select the hot ones from your matches.
Don’t: Be romantic.