Do’s & Don’ts w/ Wes Jacobsen

Wes is the type of guy who makes you scratch your head when he does a trick and say, “What would you call that?” Everything about him is unique and signature Wes, from his riding to his haircut. He’s the type that always has a smile on his face, and you never get tired watching his riding. His style is kinda like a good jam band, one that can play the same song time and time again but plays it a little differently each time.

Wes Jacobsen Bryan Soderlind

Doing butter tricks

Do: Experiment.
Don’t: Take it too seriously, you’re just doing butters.

Traveling through Europe with Europeans

Do: As the locals do.
Don’t: Have a plan.


Living at VWC

Do: Have some hobbies besides wakeboarding (foursquare, disc golf, drawing, hoop em’ up, shitty tattoos).
Don’t: Make spaghetti with the same pot used for cooking wax.

Riding a skinny stance

Do: Have fun.
Don’t: Forget that you used to ride a wide stance.

Building a rail

Do: Come up with something new.
Don’t: Copy the shotgun rail at CWC.


Rocking a haircut with bangs

Do: Cut them yourself.
Don’t: Use a mirror.

Giving at-home tattoos

Do: Live in the moment.
Don’t: Think long term.

Finding the perfect winch spot

Do: Keep looking.
Don’t: Ever give up.


Making wax

Do: Innovate.
Don’t: Quit your day job.