CWB Benz Review

As the fastest-growing sector in the ­watersports industry, it's really no ­surprise that the wakesurfing market ­offers an ­ever-increasing amount of board ­choices every year. Among the surf-style and skim-style options, the ­hybrid-style boards fall somewhere in ­between and have become a fan favorite as well as the top choice of many pros. This is where the CWB Benz comes in.

CWB team athlete Josh Palma getting barreled ... almost.CWB

Built with performance, speed and agility in mind, CWB specifically designed the Benz for advanced riders looking for that increasingly popular crossover feel. The board features a flat rocker line, eliminating drag and resulting in more speed across the water. Therefore, the Benz allows riders to drop farther back than normal, with the ability to generate enough speed to launch right back into the pocket. More wave equals more fun — everyone knows that — so CWB delivered with a board that can quickly recover from really far back.

Dubbed CWB’s best hybrid shape, the Benz not only has the speed and push of a surf-style board, but it also has the quick maneuverability of a skim-style board. After giving it a try, I found the board to be the ideal “do-it-all” wakesurfer. With its featureless base, hybrid shape and twin 3-inch-fin setup, the Benz is perfect for airing out as well as learning surface tricks. The FCS-style fins aid in speed and traction for boosting out of the water, but they aren’t a hindrance when breaking loose for ollie-based tricks or spins.

Although CWB developed the Benz as a technical, high-performance board, the fun and playful feel it ­provides will also satisfy less-advanced ­riders. The Benz is by no means a beginner board, but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for advanced wakesurfers. Any rider, no matter the skill level, can hop up on the Benz and immediately feel comfortable.

Out of the entire CWB ­wakesurf lineup, the Benz is a standout for riders looking for a shape that can handle just about anything. Whether simply learning the basics or trying to take your wakesurfing to the next level, the top-of-the-line Benz is one you won’t want to miss out on.