Compact: Moomba Mondo

October 30, 2015
Moomba Boats
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Moomba’s Mondo is a compact wake powerhouse that feels much bigger than its size class. Whenever we test Moomba, the Mondo gets mixed up with bigger boats because of its massive lounge, which it owes to its oversized gunwales and clean interior layout. A Moomba rolls out of the same factory as a Supra, which means many of the same proven techniques and designs from the luxury brand are utilized on the budget brand. If you’re familiar with both brands, you might see some similarities in the surf-producing designs of the Mondo and the high-end Supra SC. Deep keels with substantial freeboards and a similar bow design make both of these boats extremely adept at producing surf waves. The Mondo is available with the Moomba Flow Surf System, which is entirely analog to keep costs down. Pull a pin at the transom to drop the plate to one of three positions to create a wave, and then stow it when you want to wakeboard or cruise. Like everything on the Mondo, the clean interior layout is simple and designed with the user in mind. Bench seating is covered with tough vinyl and stitched together with marine-grade thread. The boat’s fiberglass floor allows for snap-out flooring options, which means you can hose down the whole thing at the end of the day and not worry about mold growing. The Mondo keeps with Moomba’s simple but effective philosophy throughout, which not only shortens learning curves but keeps the asking price low.

Moomba Boats

Dig This: Moomba redesigned its already sleek dash to create an even more driver-friendly experience without sacrificing on aesthetics. Glare was reduced, the profile was lowered, and different components were sourced to create a better user experience without inflating the price tag.

Stat: At 2,300 pounds of max ballast, the Mondo is equal to the LSV and only 200 pounds shy of its much bigger brother, the Mojo. This means you’re getting an absolutely massive amount of hull-sinking potential from this versatile little boat.

Length 20’6″
Beam 99”
Dry Weight 3,800 lb.
Fuel Capacity 39 gal.
Seating Capacity 13
Standard Ballast 1,300 lb.
Maximum Ballast 2,300 lb.
Standard Horsepower 400 hp
Maximum Horsepower 440 hp

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