Check Out Supra's All-New SE

The flagship of the Supra line just got better

While the Supra SA gets a lot of the attention these days for towing the Pro Wakeboard Tour (and it should, because it has one of the best wakes in the world), that might be changing with the announcement of the all-new SE. At 24-feet-5-inches, the SE is the biggest boat in the Supra line and has an array of new features, starting with the hull/running surface. This, combined with a huge 4,100-pound subfloor ballast system and Supra's wake-enhancement features give it a huge wake.

The SE is the biggest boat in the Supra line.Courtesy Supra Boats

"The wake is similar to the SA, it's just a bigger and beefier boat all around," says longtime Supra team member and driver of the PWT Trevor Hansen. "The SE is an absolute beast of a boat, and I mean that in an amazing way. It has every feature that will make your day on the water an amazing experience. It's similar in the SA to styling, but it has the subfloor platform similar to the SL. Essentially it's the best of all worlds. I've been with Supra for a long time and this is hands down the best boat they've ever made."

Some of those bells and whistles include the all new Vision Control touchscreen displays at the help, the new-for-2018 FXone Power Folding Tower, innovative rear pop up seats on the sundeck, new chill tech vinyl interior, AutoWake with predictive technology, and much more.

The Vision Control touchscreen dash is all-new for Supra.Courtesy Supra Boats

"Supra left no stone unturned when it came to this new SE," says team rider Cory Teunissen. "So much attention has been put into every detail of this boat, and it shows. Plus, the wake is big, consistent, and a ton of fun to ride behind."

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