Cable Wake Parks - The Best Infomercial Ever

Get to know the basics of cable wake parks - and why they matter to wakeboarding as a whole

Cable wake parks - great places for all wakeboarders.Courtesy West Rock Wake Park

For too long the world of cable/wake parks and wake boats haven't worked well together here in the ol' U.S. of A. They should though. The fact of the matter is, it's all wakeboarding. And beyond that, it's all watersports. It's all riding sideways on the water and having fun doing it. There are more than one ways to skin a cat, and just because you do one or only know how to do one, doesn't mean you can't learn others (and have a ton of fun doing it).

Boat riders who don't acknowledge wake park riders, and vise versa, are just being shortsighted, arrogant, ignorant, or all of the above. There are lots of ways to fish, but if the fishing industry only promoted fly fishing, it would be shooting itself in the foot and killing a lot of other opportunities to grow the sport and community as a whole. Cable riding and boat riding aren't the future of each other - together they are both the future of wakeboarding - as a sport and lifestyle.

Fortunately our friends at West Rock Wake Park know the value, fun and opportunity that comes with cable park riding, so they made this infomercial, comically nicknamed "cable parks' best infomercial ever." It's an introduction to what a wake park is, can be, and should be seen as - from the most introductory of levels. Whether you wakeboard a ton, have wakeboarded once, or happen to be here because you water ski and kneeboard and want to try wakeboarding, this is a video to watch. So go check it out, then check out where your nearest cable park is. Don't just think about it as something fun to try, either. Think of it it as another way to live your on-water, fun-loving lifestyle.