Brad Smeele's Day on the Water

"I honestly never thought that such amazing times in my past could become such painful memories. But I guess I love it more than it hurts."

Since his life-changing spinal injury, professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele has only been back on a boat a handful of times. However, this is the first time since his accident that he's been on a boat with a good crew of riders. Watch as Brad enjoys this bittersweet moment while riders like Shawn Watson and the NZ crew take a set.

Filming & Editing: Tom Christie
Riders: Brant Hales, David Stubbs, Paul Maguire, and Shawn Watson
Drone Footage: Jody Carden

To help support Brad on his long road to recovery, head to Brad Smeele Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from your purchases will go directly to the Brad Smeele Foundation to ensure he receives the best possible treatment and care.