Arc Sport Electric Wake Boat Makes Debut

Arc Sport's new all-electric wake boat is looking to make waves in the water, in the market and with boat buyers.
Arc Sport wakesurfing
With ballast and batteries the Arc Sport will weigh in at 9,000 pounds which should aid it in creating wakes and waves. Courtesy Arc

Los Angeles based manufacturer Arc turned boater’s heads a few years ago when it came onto the scene and announced the Arc One, an all-electric, luxury cruiser with sleek looks and a slew of unique features. Arc was founded by former Tesla and SpaceX employees, and it now employs many others from those tech-forward realms. Their mission has been to bring forward-thinking and radical development to the boating world. Today, Arc is taking things one step (ok, a lot of steps) further with the announcement of the Arc Sport, an electric wake-making machine designed to keep riders stoked and waterways emissions-free.

The Arc Sport is a 23-footer that, like the Arc One, boasts clean looks and a ton of technology. The heart (and guts) of the Arc Sport is a 226 kWh battery pack, designed and built in-house, which provides the power for a 570hp motor, along with an advertised 5-6 hours of usage time. For comparison’s sake, Ingenity’s Nautique electric GS22e (which won Boating Magazine’s coveted Boat of the Year award in 2021) uses a 124 kWh pack with 2-3 hours of run time.

Arc Sport layout
The interior layout of the all-electric Arc Sport. Courtesy Arc

While the Arc One was unique with its aluminum construction, the Arc Sport is all fiberglass. This helps reduce the weight some, while also allowing for more streamlined manufacturing, as Arc plan to take the Sport to mass market. With all that battery power, the listed dry weight of the Arc Sport is 6,900 pounds. About 3,000 of those pounds are from the batteries, which have been strategically placed in the transom of the boat to help with enhancing the wakes and waves. With ballast (around 2,100 pounds), the Arc Sport clocks in at 9,000 pounds. The Arc Sport will utilize transom-mounted plates and custom software to shape all that displaced water into endless waves for wakesurfing fun.

For a tower, the Arc team leaned on its engineering and design background to create a unit that not only matches the boat, but is highly functional. Featuring a rigid hard top, with storage above and below for a variety of boards, the tower can auto-retract with the push of a button, allowing the tow point to be adjusted to any height (or allowing the hard top to provide more protection from the elements). The Arc Sport’s high gunwales and deep floor allow for the tower’s telescoping action as a portion of the tower lowers into the boat’s frame. The higher gunwales also help provide space for ample storage underneath all the seating areas.

Arc Sport profile
Profile of the Arc Sport. Courtesy Arc

When it comes to features, the Arc Sport is being built and offered with a lot of bells and whistles in the starting MSRP, including both bow and stern thrusters, which will be controlled via a helm-mounted rotating puck device. JL Audio speakers throughout the boat will keep everybody entertained with powerful tunes, and three cameras offer both fun and functionality. The transom-mounted camera can be set up to record your wakesurfing session, then immediately transfer it to your mobile device for uploading. Arc also offers regular over-the-air (OTA) updates for the Sport’s software, which ensures top-level performance at all times. The integrated telematics also offer remote monitoring, from both Arc HQ and the user via a forthcoming Arc app.

With an advertised starting price of $258,000, the Arc Sport is positioning itself to offer a ton of performance at a price lower than many other similarly equipped watersports boats. Should its performance and listed capabilities live up to its good looks and price, it will definitely make serious waves for both buyers and the competition. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so stay tuned to Wakeboarding as we’ll have a full test of the Arc Sport in the coming months!