2024 Moomba Makai

The Makai produces clean, consistent wakes and waves.

The 2024 Moomba Makai we ­tested sported some big news: the ­optional E/Pex power tower, which lowers all the way to the windshield, keeping the ­Bimini flat. That gives owners more storage options. For convenience, a battery switch is integrated into the top of the tower. The E/Pex tower can also be outfitted with Roswell Spin speakers, which pivot and swivel to precisely pinpoint the sound. Pivoting board racks and wakesurf board storage integral with the ­Bimini mean accessible ­storage for your gear.

Moomba Makai running
The Makai offers loads of watersports performance. Tom King

With 4,000 pounds of ballast, room for 18, and ­weighing 5,200 pounds, the Makai can displace serious amounts of water. Engage the Flow Surf System and the Moomba SmartPlate, and you get customizable wakes and waves. With the Flow Surf System, pick the side you want to surf, and the opposite plate engages, dragging down the stern of the Makai and creating awesome, endless waves. The center-mounted SmartPlate tweaks the face and characteristics of the wave and wakeboarding wakes, making them longer and a bit more mellow, or taller, steeper and more aggressive.

Moomba Makai helm
An optional secondary Garmin screen allows users to really customize the helm area. Tom King

Moomba’s proprietary AutoWake system detects the boat’s pitch, roll, yaw and other characteristics, and automatically adjusts ballast to keep the boat riding level. This ensures clean, consistent wakes and waves, and precludes moving passengers around when you’re trying to ride.

Moomba Makai bow seating
Extra-wide bow offers tons of seating facing forward or aft. Tom King

You control the Makai’s wake systems via a touchscreen at the helm, along with redundant analog controls and paddle shifters behind the steering wheel for on-the-fly adjustments to cruise control and the SmartPlate. An optional secondary Garmin screen allows users to really customize the helm area. It also provides control for the audio system, plus multiple navigation chart options, fuel flow, engine monitoring data and more. A remote stereo head next to the glove box lets guests control the tunes.

Moomba Makai out for wakeskating
The Flow Surf System allows riders to choose which side they want to ride. Tom King

When it comes to size, performance, available options and overall usability, the Makai may just be one of the best bangs for the buck for watersports boat buyers in 2024. 

Moomba Makai tower
The ­optional E/Pex power tower features wakesurf board storage. Tom King

High Points

  • Opt for the stern thruster to make maneuvering the Makai a breeze.
  • Extra-wide bow offers tons of seating facing forward or aft.
  • Tow points on each side of the E/Pex tower put beginners in the wave’s pocket. 

How We Tested

  • Engine: Indmar Roush 575
  • Drive/Prop: V-drive/15″ x 15.75″ 2277
  • Gear Ratio: 1.70:1 Fuel Load: 47 gal. Crew Weight: 940 lb. (340 lb. plus 600 lb. lead)

Pricing and Specs

Price:$127,800 (starting MSRP)
Dry Weight:5,200 lb.
Ballast:4,000 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:18/NA
Fuel Capacity:70 gal.

Moomba Boats – Maryville, Tennessee; moomba.com