The 2015 Tige Lineup Lands In Boat Shows Around The World

ABILENE, TX—Featuring the first of its kind AVX Surf System, the intelligent Tige Touch2 interface, and the torque packed Raptor Series by Indmar, the 2015 Tige Boats lineup is drawing crowds with the industry’s leading technology as boat show season gets underway.With boat show season comes huge savings. Tige is offering $3,000 off any new Tige, excluding the R20. Find your local boat show below because the savings will end when it does. For more information on shows, visit HOUSTON BOAT SHOW, Texas Tige7-11: PORTLAND BOAT SHOW, River City Boat Sales8-11: AUSTIN BOAT SHOW, Ski Dock8-11: NASHVILLE BOAT SHOW, Anderson Marine9-11: DENVER BOAT SHOW, Wakeboard and Waterski Specialty10-18: TORONTO BOAT SHOW, Port Sandfield/Old Mill Marina14-18: CHICAGO BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s15-18: ATLANTA BOAT SHOW, Pull Watersports16-18, 21-25: MILWAUKEE BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s21-25: VANCOUVER BOAT SHOW, Redline Water Sports22-25: GREENVILLE BOAT SHOW, Gunnell’s Marine Unlimited22-25: BIRMINGHAM BOAT SHOW, Airport Marine22-25: KANSAS CITY BOAT SHOW, Performance Marine22-25: MINNEAPOLIS BOAT SHOW, Heinen’s Motorsports23-25: FARGO BOAT SHOW, Outlet Recreation23-25: ARKANSAS MARINE EXPO- LITTLE ROCK, Bradford Marine23-25: OKLAHOMA CITY BOAT SHOW, Norris Marine23-25: MONTANA BOAT SHOW, Montana Boat Center23-FEB 1: SEATTLE BOAT SHOW, Lynnwood Motoplex29-FEB 1: WICHITA KS BOAT SHOW, Marine Specialty30-FEB 1: ORLANDO BOAT SHOW, Southeast Marine30-FEB 8: DALLAS BOAT SHOW, Eagle MarineFEBRUARY5-8: MID-ATLANTIC (CHARLOTTE) BOAT SHOW, North Point Watersports5-8: UTAH BOAT SHOW, Petersen Marine5-8: MONTREAL BOAT SHOW, Drummondville Marine5-8: CALGARY BOAT SHOW, Hyperactive Watersports5-8: TREASURE VALLEY BOAT SHOW- BOISE, Prestige Watersports6-8: VIRGINIA BEACH BOAT SHOW, Bill’s Marine Inc.6-8: MIDESSA BOAT SHOW, Family Powersports6-8: NEBRASKA BOAT SHOW, Victory Marine11-15: CENTRAL NEW YORK BOAT SHOW, Sailboat Shop12-15: FORT WAYNE BOAT SHOW- INDIANA, Team AMC13-15: BLACK HILLS SPORT SHOW- RAPID CITY, Recreation Station14-16: 20-22: BELGIUM BOAT SHOW, Konvex Boats14-22: DETROIT BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s14-22: NEW ENGLAND BOAT SHOW- BOSTON, Northern Boats13-15: COLUMBIA SC BOAT SHOW, Gunnell’s Marine Unlimited18-22:  GRAND RAPIDS MI BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s19-22: GREEN BAY BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s19-22: LOS ANGELES BOAT SHOW, Tige Watersports19-22: NEW JERSEY BOAT SALE & EXPO, Lighthouse Harbor20-22: RICHMOND, VA BOAT SHOW, Bill’s Marine Inc.20-22: COLORADO SPRINGS BOAT SHOW, Wakeboard and Waterski Specialty26-MARCH 1: NORTHERN IL BOAT SHOW, SkipperBud’s27-MARCH 1: HOT SPRINGS BOAT SHOW, Bradford MarineMARCH4-8: ST LOUIS BOAT SHOW, Performance Marine5-8: RED RIVER VALLEY BOAT SHOW- FARGO, Outlet Recreation6-8: NEW ORLEANS BOAT SHOW, New Orleans Powersports6-8: FREMONT BOAT SHOW, Victory Marine12-15: EDMONTON BOAT SHOW, Riverside Marine12-15: SPRING BOATING EXPO- NOVI, MI, SkipperBud’s12-15: SACRAMENTO BOAT SHOW, California Marine Sports13-15: SALON BATEAU DE QUEBEC, Drummondville Marine13-15: TAMPA BAY BOAT SHOW, Forte’s Inboard Connection20-22: GREAT NORTHEAST BOAT SHOW, Northern BoatsAPRIL11-12: ABILENE HOME AND SPORT SHOW11-12: WAUSAU BOAT SHOW, Erv’s Sales and Service25-26: KELOWNA BOAT SHOW, Seca MarineMAY2-3: VERNON BOAT SHOW, Seca Marine10-11: ELKO BOAT SHOW, Prestige Watersports15-17: TAMPA BAY BOAT SHOW, Forte’s Inboard ConnectionTige Boats launched in 1991 placing innovation and passion at the heart of their boats. Today, Tige keeps these values alive with one common goal in mind—to make your ride better than anything else on the water. From the new ASR to the highly-acclaimed Z3 and throughout the entire 2015 lineup, Tige produces the most technologically advanced product line specializing in massive wakeboarding wakes and ocean-size wakesurf waves. Become a part of it at
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