2015 Boats Equipped With Supra Power: 6.2L Ford Raptor Engines By Indmar

2015 Supra Boats @Supra_Boats come standard with the 400 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar upgradable to the 440 or Supercharge 575 for even more Supra Power.

Supra Power cranks-out high torque at low RPM for faster pull-ups optimized by water sports-specific components and performance features that all combine for strong efficient operation. The 400, 440 and the ROUSHcharged 575 6.2 liter Ford Raptor Engines by Indmar generate Supra Power with high torque at low RPM resulting in faster acceleration and less time to plane even when weighted for water sports. Ford and Indmar optimized the towing-focused power of the Raptor with Supra engine components specifically designed to enhance water sports performance. A towsport-specific marine oil pan designed to compensate for a variety of operating angles and a closed cooling system to prevent corrosion prove this engine is made for water sports. True Supra Power could lie with the efficient integration of the Ford Raptor engine’s performance features. The strength of torque-centric design with 6.2 liter displacement, the efficiency of dual spark plugs on each cylinder and the silence of a next generation exhaust system make Supra Power strong and efficient. Visit your local dealer and power your passion for water sports with the precision of Supra boats and the Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar.

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