2014 Supra SC450 Wake Boat Review from Ryan Shimabukuro

This is a 2014 Supra SC450 review from Supra boat owner and Olympic Speed Skating Coach Ryan Shimabukuro.  Ryan is heavily involved in the wake community and just recently had the opportunity to test the new SC450 wake boat that is smoking the competition across the nation. 

When Shane Stillman told me that he was bringing Supra’s new SC450 to Salt Lake City for my Supra Dealer's, Marine Products, customers to demo I jumped at his invitation to try her out. Back in May, I got the opportunity to demo the SA550, so I was eager to see how the SC measured up. Unlike the SA, I had never seen the boat in person prior to the demo. I only saw pictures and videos that were posted online, so I didn’t have an accurate idea on what to expect.

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