Supra Boats Refined Performance Inspires Web Site

Supra Boats @SupraBoats unveils a 2012 luxury performance wakeboard and water ski boat line with a “beyond better” online presence.

The 2012 Supra Boats web site brings a new level of refinement to the cyber side of water sports boating with clean design, intuitive function and multi-platform operation. Supra drew on the sleek stylish design they build into their boats when creating this site. Also like the boats, high performance is built into the home page with quick 1-click access to all of Supra’s online destinations. Supra versatility shines with this new web presence. Multi-platform programming makes the site usable on everything from an iPhone or iPad to a desktop PC. Visit and experience performance wake and ski boating digitally refined. Supra Boats way beyond better, even online.

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