Skier's Choice Adds Another Difference Maker to the Team

Skier's Choice, manufacturer of Supra Boats @SupraBoats, hires innovative boat designer, Shane Stillman, to work with Supra and Moomba engineers on design as well as sales and support for dealers in the Western Region.

As a company based on continuous improvement and cohesive teamwork, Skiers Choice is making decisive moves to build their team and further drive their momentum. There is no better example of this than their recent hire, Shane Stillman. A young veteran of the marine industry, Stillman has been designing, selling and building tow boats for nearly 20 years. Stillman has progressed the product offerings of some big California boat makers and bolstered those companies' market share along the way. Continuing to live, boat and work in California, Stillman will support Skier's Choice West Coast Dealer Network with his extensive product knowledge, a can-do attitude and real-world sales approach. With those traits and the many innovations he has implemented, Stillman is joining the passionate individuals at Skier's Choice to create even more industry-firsts. Stillman is another difference-maker Skier's Choice is welcoming to the team who will continue the charge of relentless improvement for Supra and Moomba Boats.

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