Download The 2014 Moomba Boats Catalog

The Moomba® Boats @MoombaBoats 2014 water sports boat catalog is now available for download in PDF format. This fresh fun digital brochure definitely has the Moomba® "No Worries" vibe with just the right amount of detailed information. Photos, copy, specs as well as an extensive features and options list make their homes in this catalog. The themes of the catalog are the same as the Moomba® Boats brand; value, performance and reliability. Learn everything you want to know about value performance 2014 Moomba® boat models like the Outback Vthe all new Mondo, the Mobius LSV and Mojo 2.5. Get an inside look at Moomba's award-winning construction quality and learn about Moomba's no worries ownership experience. The 2014 Moomba Boats Catalog will get your primed for summer, but if you want to get a real handle on value performance wake boating visit your local Moomba Boats Dealer or your local 2014 boat show for a printed copy.