5 Ways A Big Bow Is Better

July 10, 2013

Traditional bows are great, but for some boat owners nothing beats the progressive look, extra storage and increased seating capacity provided by today’s new breed of wide-bow wakeboard boats. Now with three wide-bow models to choose from in the Malibu Wakesetter 20 MXZ, 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ, nobody knows this better than Malibu Boats team riders. We got the inside scoop from Brian Grubb, Chad Sharpe and Cobe Micacich on the top 5 ways a big bow is better.

Boost Your Wakes

First and foremost, that big open bow in the MXZ line is great for riding. It gives you a lot of extra room to add front weight, which really helps max out the wake for both riding and surfing. — Brian Grubb


Get Social

If you’re just out cruising around for the day with friends, it’s a great place for people to sit. You can fit three people up there really comfortably while you’re running. There’s also a ladder up there so you can get in and out of the water from the nose. Most boats only allow activity in the back, but having that big open area up front means people will use it for everything from swimming to hanging out. — Brian Grubb

Look Progressive


With that big, wide bow, the look of the MXZ series is just awesome. It looks mean on the water with the three points sticking out of the front. — Chad Sharpe

Store It All

Even if you have tons of friends with lots of gear, the big bow lets you store it up front so it will be safe and out of the way. It’s nice not to trip over stuff in the lounge. — Chad Sharpe


Don’t Miss Out On Anything

You can take on more people because the nose is wider and has more surface area. So you get the luxury of a big space up there, but you don’t sacrifice performance because of the hull design. It’s the best of both worlds. — Cobe Micacich

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