7 Reasons To Start Wakesurfing This Summer

Wakesurfing is one of the fastest-growing watersports out there, and if you haven’t tried it, this summer is the perfect time. With advancements in wakesurf technology, this low-impact sport is sure to draw more people than ever. We talked to Malibu Boats pros Brian Grubb, Chad Sharpe and Cobe Mikacich to get their take on why you should start wakesurfing this summer.

It’s Easier Than Ever

With Malibu’s SURF GATE, it’s super easy to weight the boat for the day and go into wakeboarding, wakeskating or surfing a left or right wave with no change in the ballast. Obviously, that’s super convenient. The boat stays weighted evenly for surfing so you don’t have to move all that weight to one side when you want to take a surf set. — Brian Grubb


Beat Rough Water

Wakesurfing is really fun to do midday when it’s busy and you don’t have good conditions to ride. You don’t need perfect conditions to wakesurf, and you can always have a ton of fun when you wouldn’t be on the water anyway. — Brian Grubb

Support the Sport


If you’ve got some people who don’t do much on the water, chances are you’ll still be able to teach them how to wakesurf that day because it’s super-easy to learn. When you get up for the first time it’s cool, then when you see someone catch the wave and let go of the rope for the first time, it’s really cool to see. — Brian Grubb

Get Social

Wakesurfing is great because it’s super social. You’re right up against the back of the boat so you and your friends can talk, cheer each other on and teach each other. It’s nice not to be 75 feet back sometimes. It’s definitely a social event. — Chad Sharpe


Rest and Relax

When you’re a little beat up from wakeboarding, wakesurfing is good chance of pace because it’s easier on the body. I love going big and I’ll never stop going big, but it’s nice to have a little recuperation with wakesurfing. I think it helps with recovery, too. — Chad Sharpe

Soak Up The Soul


I love the freedom of wakesurfing. You’re not connected to the board or boat and you’re just cruising down this endless wave. It’s an amazing feeling. — Cobe Micacich

Try Transfers

The ability to transfer with SURF GATE opens up a whole different style of moves that are possible on a board. You can just go from side to side, or try tricks on your transfers, or just surf the side your opposite side without having to move all that weight around. SURF GATE switching your wave from side to side with one button is a huge reason to start wakesurfing. — Cobe Micacich

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