Wakesurf 360s Made Simple

A 360 is usually the first trick everyone learns on a wakesurfer. This simple trick can teach riders control and how to stay with the wave, so it’s a rite of passage to becoming a real rider. We teach 360 day in and day out at Freedom Wake Park, so I’ve developed some foolproof tips for beginners who are just learning to spin or struggling with the 360. — Cobe Micacich, Owner and Head Coach, Freedom Wake Park

Get An Advantage When Malibu created SURF GATE, the actual shape of the wake was changed. With SURF GATE, the wave behind a Malibu is more like a wave in the ocean. It comes from behind you and pushes you forward as opposed to the typical wakesurf wave that you’re riding down in order to stay with the boat. As a result, it makes 360s much easier because you’re actually getting pushed forward and you’re spinning on flatter water rather than trying to fall down the face of a wake and do a 360 while off balance. I’m much more consistent on 360s and 3 shoves with SURF GATE on my Wakesetter 22 MXZ than with my 21 VLX that doesn’t have SURF GATE.

Side Matters


If you’re left foot forward, stay on the port side of the boat and vice versa for goofy footed riders. To initiate the 360, think about carving up the wave. That will get you spinning clockwise and it will help your fin loose break loose as it gets into the steeper part of the wave.

Watch Your Tail

Think about weight distribution and how to keep your board always driving down the face of the wave. During the first 180, try to shift your weight just a little bit onto the foot that’s toward the nose of the board when the tail is forward so you don’t sink it.


Take Control

Use your hands as your rudder. Your hand can initiate the spin, and it can stop you at the end of the spin as well. You’ll probably be on a skim board with small, slippery fins, so try to steer yourself on the wave so you don’t overspin.

Get Down, Stay Down


When people do wakesurf 360s, they always tend to initiate the spin in an athletic, crouched position, but when they get to the end they stand straight up and lose the wave. Always stay low and try to stay in the wave when you complete the spin by pumping the wake.

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