How To Boost Big Air

Here’s the formula for big air: The more speed you have when you kick off the top of the wave, the higher you’re going to go. Fortunately, thanks to SURF GATE, you have more room to generate speed than with a listed boat, so it’s a lot easier to learn your first air. Here are a few tips to boosting your first air on a wakesurf board and how to take it to the next level. — Brian Grubb

Get Set

To create the perfect surf wave, start by putting almost all of your weight in the back two thirds of the boat. With SURF GATE, I can keep the weight even on both sides and instantly switch the wave from side to side with the touch of a finger. It also helps to turn the boat slightly away from the side you’re surfing on to stand the wave up a bit, because the more vert the wake is at the top the easier it is to snap an air. The Power Wedge tends to make the wave a bit firmer, so that can help to get airs as well.

Then Go

You want to drift back on the wave quite a bit then head forward with three short pumps followed by one long one like a big bottom turn. With your weight on your back leg, ride all the way to the top of the wave and pull your legs up when you feel the momentum. Your front leg will come up first and will be followed by your back leg — much like an ollie on a wakeskate. Try to turn the board frontside a little in the air so your nose is pointing back down the wave when you come in for the landing. A lot of people will point the nose at the back of the boat, which tends to make them stay on top of the wave and lose a lot of speed.

Learn Switch

Riding switch on a wakesurf board isn’t as hard as most people think. It’s all about keeping pressure over your toeside rail. A switch frontside air requires the same exact technique as a regular frontside air, and after you learn to ride switch, it’s easier than a backside air. SURF GATE makes it really easy to practice both sides, which opens up a whole bag of switch and backside tricks.

Grab it

After you’ve learned airs, it’s pretty easy to throw in an indy grab. The key is to ride to the top of the wave then suck your knees into your chest so your board comes up and you can grab it with your back hand. Most people will reach down for the grab, but that is harder to manage and tends to put you on top of the wave, which is harder to ride away from.

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