Master Wave-To-Wave Transfers

Malibu's SURF GATE has paved the way for all kinds of interesting new possibilities on a wakesurfer. One of my favorites is the wave-to-wave transfer. This trick will amaze your friends in the boat, but just about anyone can do it with a little practice, these tips and SURF GATE. — Brian Grubb, Malibu Team Rider

Drive It

Thanks to SURF GATE, you can weight your Wakesetter evenly and still create the perfect wave. Set your Speed Control Precision Pro or Zero-Off to around 10.5-11 miles per hour, then just put the throttle down and wait for the cruise to kick in.

Surf Simple

On your Wakesetter’s standard Malibu Touch Command, highlight the side of SURF GATE you want to start on. That’s it. When you hit seven miles per hour, SURF GATE will kick in and a long, clean wave will form on the side you selected.

Give The Signal

Start out surfing frontside and when you’re ready signal your driver for a transfer. It takes 3-4 seconds for SURF GATE to switch sides, and you’ll see the face of the wave dissolve as the gate on the opposite side starts to come back in.


Drop back, pump forward and cross over. When you get to the other side, you’ll be riding backside, so immediately get low and keep your weight on your heels and pump to keep the wave.

Helpful Hints

Before you try the transfer, stand in the boat and watch SURF GATE switch to get a better feel for the timing. You can also have people switch to the side the wave is on as it transfers for a little better face and more power to keep you going.

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