Aaron Rathy - Rider Set-Ups

What is Aaron Rathy riding on and in these days? Check out his 2015 Rider Set-Up and find out. Aaron is always top of mind these days when it comes to the elite riders in the sport, so you owe it to yourself to find out exactly how one of the best dudes out there likes his stuff dialed in. Interested in a piece of Rathy's gear? Check out the full list and links below and learn more about it and where you can buy. Cheers!

1. Byerly - AR1


2. JetPilot - Aaron Rathy Signature Vest


3. JetPilot - A-Tron 2mm Spring Suit


4. Oakley - Hybrid Walking/Boardshort


6. CTI Custom Kneebrace

Prices Vary

7. Byerly - A-Line Rope and Chamois Handle

$124 + 60

8. Helicopter Man Rotating Head Cam Mount

Prices Vary... or grab this one on ebay for $90

7. Armor Skin - Compression Leg Sleeve