Omeir Saeed - The Freshman

Four years ago the UAE (United Arab Emirates) didn't have a cable park. They had a small but healthy wakeboard scene, with quite a few expat riders living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi riding in the Persian Gulf. Today, the Al Forsan International Sports resort has two full sized cable parks that have since been installed and the sport is flourishing in the area to the point that it's producing world class pros. 2 weeks ago, Omeir Saeed, a UAE native and Abu Dhabi local entered the WWA Wake Park World Championships and made it all the way into the finals riding against the best in the world. Here's Omeir in his home element, riding at Al Forsan and taking laps at truly one of the more beautiful cable parks in the world. It's pretty unreal to think about, all the untapped talent that remains all over the world that is exposed when our beloved sport is brought to remote locations.