Toeside Front Roll

Learn how to perfect your toeside front roll.

Next up is the toeside front roll — which has about 25 percent more flipping rotation than a normal invert. Since you want the wake to launch you forward into the flip, you’ll need to wedge the board between you and the wake by sweeping your lower body slightly in front of you while keeping your chest back against the line. In this position, the wake should catapult your upper body up and forward into the flip. Then, in order to land on edge, you’ll need to over-rotate the flip to get your chest back over your toes. Starting the flip with your chest back like this, and then landing with your chest forward over your toes, is about a flip and a quarter rotation. In order to flip that much on your first go, think about doing a flip and a half onto your face. Remember, you make or break your rotation during the first half of the flip — so give it hell.

Keeping this flip-and-a-half mentality in mind, we’ve invited Jake Pelot to walk you through the toeside front roll step by step. Jake says, “Edge out wide on your heels, and then take the same edge back into the wake as you would for your normal toeside wake-to-wake jump, but with a little more gusto. Hold your lean all the way up the wake to keep resistance against the line, keep your hips pushed forward, stand tall at the top of the wake, and think about popping off of the tail of your board. Once you feel the pop, throw your head and shoulders forward, keeping the handle tight against your front hip. Let go of the handle with your back hand before the peak of the trick to keep your chest from opening up toward the boat. Stay tucked up until you spot your landing by looking just ahead of your front hip. Try to over-rotate the flip so you land with a strong lean over your toes. It’s important to continue your direction by leaning on your toeside edge, away from the boat, on your landing, to help prevent falling back over your heels.”


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