Harley Clifford Wins MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Mooresville

Harley Clifford Wins MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Mooresville

Noah Flegel Wins Overton’s Junior Pro Division

Mooresville, NC.– Thousands of fans crowded the shores of Lake Norman to witness a dramatic final day of action at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Presented by Rockstar. They were privy to the sport’s top athletes at their best today, with Harley Clifford claiming victory in the Men’s Pro division.


Overcoming a stacked field of some of the biggest names in wakeboarding, including Rusty Malinoski, Andrew Adkison, Jeff Langley, Jimmy Lariche and Phil Soven, Clifford dug deep into his bag of tricks to walk away the winner. With a final run that meshed near flawless aerials with equally impressive rail-riding, Clifford squeaked out the win with Soven and Adkison joining him on the podium.

“It feels great to get a win today,” said Clifford. “The whole contest saw some incredible riding, the venue was awesome and now I’m looking forward to the next PWT stop.”

Maintaining an absolute stronghold on the Overton’s Junior Pro Series, Noah Flegel came away with another victory, albeit it a narrow one point advantage over Italian rider Massi Piffaretti. An all-Aussie contingent rounded out the balance of the Junior Pro Finals with Tony Iacconi, Brad Teunissen, Cory Teunissen and Parker Siegele claiming third thru sixth place respectively.


Following the Pro Men’s finals, fans marveled in the spectacle that is the Polaroid Action Big-Air Contest. Launching off the massive wake from the MasterCraft X-Star, riders boosted other-worldly tricks that are rarely attempted in standard contest format. Going the biggest was Aaron Rathy, who stuck a switch mute mobe 540 to claim first-place in the specialty event.

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Final Results from MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Mooresville:


Pro Men Finals

1. Harley Clifford 95.00

2. Phil Soven 87.00


3. Andrew Adkison 85.00

4. Rusty Malinoski 75.00

5. Jimmy Lariche 70.00

6. Jeff Langley 50.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals

1. Noah Flegel 88.50

2. Massi Piffaretti 87.50

3. Tony Iacconi 86.75

4. Brad Teunissen 66.75

5. Cory Teunissen 65.75

6. Parker Siegele 54.75

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

1. Harley Clifford 90.00

2. Rusty Malinoski 85.00

3. Jeff Langley 75.00

4. Mike Dowdy 65.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

1. Phil Soven 90.00

2. Andrew Adkison 83.33

3. Jimmy Lariche 70.00

4. Steel Lafferty 69.00

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1. Tony Iacconi 100.00

2. Parker Siegele 87.00

3. Gus Shuler 80.25

4. Kyle Evans 72.75

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

1. Massi Piffaretti 97.75

2. Cory Teunissen 88.25

3. Freddie Wayne 82.00

4. Joey Buss 72.00

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 3

1. Noah Flegel 100.00

2. Brad Teunissen 87.75

3. Gordon Harrison 82.25

4. Robby Holihan 59.50

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 1 (Top 2 advance)

1. Rust Malinoski 78.33

2. Jeff Langley 60.00

3. Austin Hair 55.00

4. Daniel Powers 46.67

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 2

1. Harley Clifford 90.00

2. Jimmy Lariche 76.67

3. Dean Smith 46.67

4. Brad Smeele 42.67

Pro Men Quarterfinal Heat 3

1. Andrew Adkison 83.33

2. Mike Dowdy 77.33

3. Kyle Rattray 64.33

4. Shota Tezuka 60.00

Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

1. Phil Soven 81.67

2. Steel Lafferty 70.00

3. Adam Errington 61.33

4. Keenan Allen 33.33