Tige 24Ve

December 23, 2005

The new 24Ve is big, powerful and full of extras that will make a braggart of any boat buyer. Tige envisions this ride as the flagship boat of its line, and with good reason. This new V-drive is a wakeboarding and family powerhouse, and like its 24-foot brother the 24V, it was designed with the feedback of Tige’s dealer and customer network. Unlike its brother, the 24Ve features a walk-through transom and activity center, which is convenient for getting in and out of the boat and provides additional storage.

Everything about this bad boy is functional and balanced, including the expanded seating in the cockpit and bow areas. With small touches, such as stainless-steel cup holders and an etched Tige logo, you’ll be riding in style whether you’re on board or on your board.



With its stylish look and comfy interior, this boat was bound to impress us from the beginning. But the true testament to the all-new 24Ve is the wake performance. The coolest thing about the TAPS2 and ConvexV hull is that they make the 24Ve suitable for beginners to veterans, depending on which setting you choose. We were pleased with the sharp, crisp wakes and perfect release we got when we set the TAPS2 to 7 for maximum wake potential. The transition lets you edge like a pro and get booted. Or edge casually, and you’ll still get more kick than you’d expect. Advanced intermediate wakeboarders will be more than pleased with the wakes without adding any more weight than their riding posse. However, advanced riders looking for more hang time should opt for the Tige four-tank ballast system.


We don’t usually expect this kind of handling from a 24-foot boat, but right off the bat the 24Ve was set to impress. And we weren’t disappointed – this boat’s maneuverability was a standout in its size class. The 24Ve’s turning radius was symmetrical, it tracked solidly with little to no side-to-side movement, and it stood the test of choppy water. The boat plowed through double-ups with authority, remaining rock solid with little jarring, while producing smooth, shapely wakes our riders loved.



One of Tige’s main focuses in designing the Ve series was the boat’s interior. Tige took time considering symmetry and balance to create a unique look. You’ll notice the difference in the straight lines that flow from bow to transom, as well as the one-piece glass windshield that sweeps around the front of the boat. In particular, we were impressed by the walk-through in the rear, which leads to a wide bench above the swim platform and provides a nice prep area so riders can put on boards without scratching the transom. Tige also scattered three coolers, including a 54-quart removable ice chest, throughout the boat. Other touches of comfort include wide seat cushions and plenty of storage. The swivel board racks and built-in ratchet system are cool perks as well.
Super-quiet ride – An improved muffler for 2006, a deeper strut angle and better-insulated engine compartment make the Ve series extremely quiet.

Transom activity center – Two storage areas for small stuff, a six-pack-size cooler and full-width seating for riders to put on gear or for passengers just to hang out.


Stylish tower – Features a cool built-in ratchet system that impressed our testers.

ConvexV hull and TAPS2 – Without ballast, the patented hull shape creates wake-building water displacement.

Spacious Open Bow – Features plenty of legroom for passengers and contoured seating for additional comfort.


Transom walk-through – Since most boats naturally dock on the driver’s side, the walk-through on the Ve series is conveniently located for both a walkway to the transom area as well as an easy entry step into the boat. It also features a rear seat pad so that no seating is wasted. Just flip it over to form a carpeted step thhat will save the upholstery on the other side. A removable cushion fits in the walk-through for a full-width sun deck.


Base price $51,625

LENGTH 24 ft. BEAM 102 in.



TEST PROP Acme 13.5 x 16 4-blade

TEST ENGINE 5.7L GM Vortec, 340 hp

TOP SPEED 42.6 mph 5,000 rpm

ACCEL. TO 30 MPH 5.5 sec. 134.4 ft.

ACCEL. TO 36 MPH 7.8 sec. 240 ft.

NOISE LEVELS (db): Neutral 65 D 61 R, 36 mph 90 D 92 R


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